Lamb Shoulder Feast

$135 (feeds 4 people)

Lamb Feasts will be available daily in limited quantities. To pre-order call the restaurant at (202) 638-0800.  A limited number of same day orders will be available, if placed before noon, for 6pm or later pickup.

Lamb Shoulder
roasted lamb shoulder, tzatziki, harissa, garlic toum, pita, lettuce leaves 

Lemon Roasted Potatoes
baby yukon gold potatoes, lemon zest, olive oil from Crete 

Cretan Dakos Salata
cherry tomatoes, Feta, olives, cucumber, Cretan whole wheat rusks, pickled peppers

Cauliflower Tiganites
tahini, preserved lemon, pine nuts, capers, golden spice vinaigrette 

Greek olives marinated with dill, chili and orange zest 

Ladotyri Cheese
traditional cheese aged in olive oil, candied and roasted pistachios 

Greek Yogurt with Apricots
Muscat soaked apricots, vanilla yogurt cream, pistachio powder 

Chocolate Rose Parfait
Valrhona chocolate pudding, raspberries, cardamom whipped cream, spiced berry puree

Add José Cuvée Sparkling Wine    $29

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