Nov 13, 2018

Cocktail Dinner Featuring Bacardi Spirits

Zaytinya is mixing up a special dinner for DC Cocktail Week! We've partnered with Bacardi Spirits to create a one-of-a-kind dinner featuring five unique cocktails paired with mezze from Zaytinya Concept Chef Michael Costa. 


  • Oyster Tzatziki
    on the half shell, cucumber, Greek yogurt, lamb bacon
    Cocktail Pairing:
    Pélagos - بحر
    Bombay Sapphire, lime, limoncello, tonic

  • Sterling Caviar “Taramosalata”
    house smoked cod roe spread, potato pita, potato chips
    Cocktail Pairing:
     Zaytinya Martini - مارتيني بالزيتون
    Grey Goose, olive oil, blanc vermouth, maraschino

  • Venison and Pork Belly
    Persian sour cherry saffron rice
    Cocktail Pairing:
    Bacardi 8, sugar, lime,wild cherry molasses

  • Steak and Kumpir
    pan roasted sirloin, kasar whipped potatoes, butterball potatoes, cumin-roasted garlic yogurt, walnuts, mushroom tursu, smoked olives
    Cocktail Pairing:
    Leblon James
    Leblon Cachaça, mezcal, sugar, cherry, orange

  • Kolokithopita
    kataifi, roasted fall squash, barberry jam, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, whipped Manouri
    Cocktail Pairing:
    Bacardi Superior, cranberry, allspice, pomegranate, ginger

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